1 February 2019

     Here we are getting ready for our 3rd year of our Awesome CSA Program.  The 2019 Membership agreement is now posted.  Last year we had NUMEROUS calls in Nov for Turkeys for Thanksgiving.  We get a limited number of poults in the spring and raise the through the fall.  There are only a few that are considered "EXCESS"  So to ensure that you have a farm raised, fresh, NON-GMO Antibiotic free Turkey for the holidays get yours reserved NLT April 2019





17 December 2018

      Awwwww where did this year go, anybody know.  We sure don't.  Everything is in such a hurry.  We started to receive the 2019 seed catalogs already.

     We would like to send out a giant THANK YOU  to all of our 2018 CSA Members.  It was quite a challenging year for us, with our other grower dropping out at the last minute and the crazy weather.

     Changes for 2019-  We are making several changes for 2019.  The total number of CSA shares will drop by about (10) So when Jan 01 2019 rolls around you might want to jump on board quickly and get your share reserved.   We are not going to include chicken with the shares (due to the issue of getting them), they will be available to our CSA Members (only) after we have received them.  The cost of the chicken would be the same as if we included them in the shares.



Things are starting to get a little crazy around here.  Grow lights are on started plants, Momma cats are having their kittens, Ducks and turkeys are starting to laying there eggs (getting ready to fire up the incubator) Greenhouse is almost complete and the mud does not want to go away.

As of now most of our 2018 CSA boxes are sold (might be able to fit a few more), however you can still sign up and get a WEEKLY VEGGIE box for only $20.

We are looking at growing vegetables for a couple of Local Restaurants, One of them being Voy Rivers BBQ and Catering located here Linesville PA.  See Link above for their info.

Also starting in May, we are running and managing the Linesville Community Market.  The market will have everything from vegetables to artisan crafts.  Click link above for more info.



Only 9 days left to take advantage of our CSA early bird special and a chance to win a turkey for thanksgiving.


Due to the large number of customers wanting chickens and turkeys for thanksgiving last year we are asking that if you would like either chickens or turkeys please pre order by 15 April 2018 with a down payment of $15 to reserve yours and save $5.


We raise Broad Breasted White Turkey's ( is selected for muscle quality and total body confirmation. These are known for their feed efficiency, growth rate and large size)

 There are also our Farm hatched and raised Heritage Bronze (almost like a wild turkey) and Royal Palm (which is a smaller sized bird)


Or Meat Chickens are White Mountain Broilers(Taste makes the difference and the fine, tender breast and thighs on these birds prove that point! Developed for quick and efficient growth and development, it is not uncommon for these birds to weigh 4-6lbs live at 7 weeks of age)




     Here it is the first day of 2018.  Just a reminder that the CSA Early bird special runs until Feb 1st.  We have a lot of different things happening at Lisk's Heritage Farm within the next few months.  CSA sign-ups, seed/fruit plants ordering, firing up the egg incubator for our turkey's and chickens, seed starting, transplanting strawberry plants, our third annual Chick Day is only 4 months away, building another 3 turkey and chicken portable runs, planting more blueberry, blackberry, red raspberry, elderberry and strawberry plants.  Time flies when you are having fun. 





In 2018 we plan on growing several vegetables listed on the Ark Of Taste such as Fish Pepper(hot), Hinkelhatz Pepper(hot), Sheep Nose Pepper, Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce, Speckled Lettuce, Red Fig Tomato, Orange Oxheart Tomato, Boston Marrow Squash, Canada Crook Neck Squash, Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry.

We already have grown several different kinds already. American Bronze Turkey, The CSA Members had the Tennessee Sweet Potato, Bull Nose Pepper, Mortage Lifter Tomato.

AOT The Ark of Taste is an international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement. The Ark is designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion. Contrary to the most literal definition of plant and animal conservation, the Ark of Taste aims to maintain edibles in its purview by actively encouraging their cultivation for consumption. By doing so, Slow Food hopes to promote the growing and eating of foods which are sustainable and preserve biodiversity in the human food chain.

Foods included in the list are intended to be "culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice"in addition to being rare. Which foods meet these criteria is decided by an adjudicating committee made up of members of the Slow Food nonprofit organization; all candidates go through a formal nomination process which includes tastings and identification of producers within the region

Since the foundation of the Ark in 1996, 800 products from over 50 countries have been included. The list includes not only prepared foods and food products, but also a great many livestock breeds, as well as vegetable and fruit cultivars. All foods in the catalogue are accompanied by a list of resources for those wishing to grow or buy them




Winter will be here in a few months.  We have already started planning for 2018.  Our new greenhouse has arrived and needs set up.  It will allow us to start greens, radish, peppers a lot sooner and will also extend our growing season. 

We are running a early bird special for our CSA.  For appreciation of our Customers who were part of our first year as a CSA, we would like to offer you up to $50 off of a Full 2018 CSA Share and $25 off of a Half Share If you sign up and are paid in full by Feb 1 2018. For our new Customers we would like to offer you $25 off a 2018 CSA share if you sign up and are paid in full by Feb 1 2018. All Early Bird Customers will receive a chance to receive a free Turkey in time for Thanksgiving 2018.



As the 2017 growing season starts to come to an end, us here at Lisk's Heritage Farm and Ott's Berry Farm would like to express our sincere thank you to everyone who participated in our first year as a CSA. We still have a few more weeks left as long as Mother Nature allows us. We learned a lot especially on what to improve and met a lot of great people. This year, the weather was not what we wanted. Mother Nature is like that. With everything the weather gave us we still produced over 3500 lbs of fresh produce and approximately 100lbs of chicken that you enjoyed each week in your CSA Boxes.

     It is never to early to start planning for next year. We are already in the planning stage for 2018. We are making more room for raised beds for your Lettuce, radishes, kale, Herbs (adding almost 20 more), Tilling up a large area for pumpkins for our customers children, we are going to add a "CHILDRENS GARDEN" area (where kids can see where their food comes from.  From planting to harvest.  We are going to plant 50-75 more blackberry and red raspberry plants, our apple trees are finally starting to produce, planting 10-20 more grape vines, hopefully will have enough horseradish, building larger turkey/chicken enclosures and planning on a few other "Things" for our CSA Customers baskets. We are looking at putting in a Greenhouse in order to hopefully have "greens" ready earlier and later.


With that being said........

     For appreciation of our Customers who were part of our first year as a CSA, we would like to offer you up to $50 off of a Full 2018 CSA Share and $25 off of a Half Share If you sign up and are paid in full by Feb 1 2018. For our new Customers we would like to offer you $25 off a 2018 CSA share if you sign up and are paid in full by Feb 1 2018. All Early Bird Customers will receive a chance to receive a free Turkey in time for Thanksgiving 2018. Contact us for more information about the CSA.

Thank you for all of your support in 2017.

Scott and Michele Lisk            Lisk's Heritage Farm
Donnie Ott                                Ott's Berry Farm



If you are interested in any of our animals, please contact us.  Some purchases may require a NON-refundable deposit.

Meat Birds
Rhode Island Chicks
Mae, first calf born here since May