Green and red bell peppers, come from the same plant, the red pepper is fully ripened and full of antioxidants.  Yellow and orange bell peppers are a different cultivar, and sweet and tender.  Often referred to in the CSA Shares as “sweet peppers”, bell peppers are naturally sweet and kid-friendly! Delicious cooked and raw, as well as stuffed.

Bell Pepper

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Store unwashed in a sealed plastic bag.  Ripe red peppers, yellow, and orange peppers will have a shorter shelf life than the unripe green peppers.


Wash thoroughly.  Remove tops, then slice in half.  Use a sharp knife to remove the membranes and seeds.  Slice and dice for use in recipes, or grill or roast halves for stuffing with meat or grains.  Add raw to salads or vegetable trays.  Kids love snacking on sweet peppers!  Saute with onions and garlic at to use as the base for savory dishes.  Add to pizza and pasta dishes.  Try roasting and removing skins for concentrated pepper flavor.