Also known as coriander, cilantro is an herb that resembles parsley, but is very different in taste.  Cilantro has a distinct flavor that can taste soapy to some.  It is essential for fresh salsa and other Mexican cooking.  Also found in Thai and Indian cooking.  Ground coriander is made from the seeds of the cilantro plant and used at the beginning of cooking, while fresh cilantro is most often added at the end of cooking or used as a garnish.


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Cilantro can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, but the best way to store it is to place the stems in a jar or cup of water in the refrigerator. Wash just before using.


Wash leaves and stems thoroughly.  For most dishes, cilantro will taste best when thoroughly dried before chopping, especially raw dishes and when used as a garnish.  The whole plant is edible so feel free to finely chop the leaves and stems together.  Top stir-fries, noodle soups, and salads with cilantro.  Add to salsa, curries, and grain dishes.