Most anyone will agree, lettuce is best fresh and raw!  A salad spinner is a great tool for cleaning our very fresh lettuce before use.  On the farm we grow Mesculine Mix, Romaine, Green leaf lettuce, Red leaf lettuce, Amish Deer Tongue and Speckled Lettuce in addition to a wide variety of greens that can be eaten fresh or cooked.  In the summer lettuce can be the background for delicious salads worthy of the main dish, with toppings like root vegetables.  Try mixing lettuce and different greens together for a delicious salad with different textures.


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Store unwashed lettuce in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.  To store washed and dried lettuce, wrap loosely in a paper towel and place in a bag or container.  Wet lettuce will spoil quickly.


 Rinse leaves thoroughly to remove any remaining dirt.  Use our easy method for washing greens.  Separate leaves,  and chop or tear into bite size pieces and finely chop stems.  Use raw leaves in salads, toss with dressing just before serving.