Potatoes are a familiar vegetable to most people!  We grow a couple varieties of all-purpose potatoes on the farm that are ideal for roasting, mashing, and baking.  Potato plants are actually tall and green, and resemble tomato plants.  Potatoes store well, and contain vitamins and minerals, they are a staple of many diets.


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Potatoes will store for weeks in cool, dark, dry place.  Store in a kitchen drawer or paper bag for best results.  Potatoes can also be stored in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.


 Scrub potatoes to remove any lingering dirt, peel if desired.  Potatoes can be roasted with their skin on with just olive oil or butter, and salt & pepper.  Boil chunks of potato in salted water for mashing, then mix with butter, salt, and milk.  A mix of parsnips and potatoes makes an excellent mashed dish.