Often referred to as yellow squash, summer squash is harvested when it is young enough to eat the whole plant, including the skin and seeds.  Summer squash are tender, mild, and so versatile.  On the farm we grow several varieties of squash including the yellow straight-neck, and heirloom varieties like zephyr and cousa, zucchini, and costata romanesco.  Summer squash are excellent grilled, stuffed, braised, and even raw. Zucchini is a green variety of summer squash.  Summer squash varieties are harvested young so the skin and seeds are also edible.  Summer squash varieties are interchangeable in cooking.  Summer squash is usually served cooked, but for a raw dish it can be shredded into “noodles”.   Summer squash also makes a delicious sweet bread.

Summer Squash

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Store loosely wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator, their shelf-life is much shorter than a winter squash.  Use within a few days.


 Wash thoroughly, then slice, dice, or shred.  Toss sliced summer squash in a bowl with garlic and olive oil, then grill until cooked through.  Cut lengthwise in half for stuffing.  Add to stir-fries or simply sauté. Excellent with pasta and tomato dishes, shredded into fritters, and even baked into bread or cupcakes