POULTRY PRICES (includes processing)


Our Rhode Island Red chickens lay large to extra large brown eggs. 


NON-GMO  $2.00 per dz.




Our broad-breasted turkey is selected for muscle quality and total body confirmation.  These are known for their feed efficiency, growth rate and large size, you will find that these are easy to raise.




Our Farm Hatched and raised Heritage Breeds, The Heritage Bronze and Royal Palm.  These are slow growing and are fed pasture and a Non-GMO grain.

White Mountain Broiler

(Meat Bird)



Taste makes the difference and the fine, tender breast and thighs on these birds prove that point!  Developed for quick and efficient growth and developement, it is not uncommon for these birds to weigh 4-6lbs live at 7 weeks of age.  This broiler strain continues to be an industry leader.